Fundy Salmon Recovery

Parks Canada
Book Design
Location and date:
Alma, NB, Canada / 2017

Fundy Salmon Recovery is a conservation program by Parks Canada in Alma, New Brunswick to return the salmon back to nature. The objective of this project was to design a coffee table book to honour the members of Fundy Salmon Recovery and those who passionately helped in the conservation of Atlantic salmon.

I decided to tell the story by showing the conservation process from the beginning to end. Fundy Salmon Recovery has produced a comprehensive collection of photos during conservation process which was a bit challenging to select from. Most selected photos in this book beside telling part of a story are showing facilities, equipment and people who were involved in this project. This book is bilingual with about 83 photos that selected in collaboration with the client. The actual size of the book is 7.5 x 7.5 inches with perfect binding and wrapped hardcover.