Night Creature Exposed

Personal Project
Branding and identity design
Location and date:
Halifax, NS, Canada / 2016

What is the value of a museum to society, the community, and the individual in this day and age? The goal of this project was to find a way to improve the relationship between people, museum, and society. Our subject was the Museum of Natural History in Halifax. Through our research we discovered that the museum is losing visitors. Most people between the ages of 17 to 40 spend their free time on social media, in cafés, in cinemas, and outdoor activities. Services, programs, and perhaps the age and familiarity with the exhibits in the building are reasons that people who were surveyed gave for not making return visits. Creating an event for Halloween 2017 to encourage people to visit the museum was the topic assigned to our group. My role was to design branding for the event.

One of Nova Scotia's most interesting geological features, Hayes Cave, a habitat for the Brown Bat is natural fit for a Halloween event with the recent fascination with vampires in movies. Since 2011 White Nose Syndrome has been responsible for a significant decline in the population of the Brown Bat. By inviting audiences to this event, they learn the importance of these creatures in our ecosystem and can take part in helping to save bats. Based on this research we used the bat as part of our concept to design Halloween 2017 events. Bats revealing their bodies when they open their wings was my inspiration. This idea led me to “exposed” as a metaphor for this project and as a result, the event name became “NIGHT CREATURES EXPOSED.”