Fogo Island Trails

This signage system is designed to improve the overall experience of trail users in Fogo Island.

October 2018

Fogo Island, NL, Canada

Town of Fogo Island

The Town of Fogo Island has been developing new trails within the island and maintained its existing trails. The trail network will enable visitors to immerse themselves in the spectacular natural beauty of Fogo Island. Our mission was to develop trail signage for seven destinations throughout the island. Trails are becoming popular economic development tools and bringing the opportunity to become an effective platform for a healthy and active lifestyle. 
The design of the sign family was inspired by the recent modern architecture that occurred on the island. The sign family includes trail markers, identification signs, directional posts and trailhead kiosks to improve the overall visitors and users’ experience. Wayfinding signage, through maps and directional sign panels, will help trail users comfortably and conveniently find their way around.  At the time I joined Upland, they had developed the concept of the signage system. My role in this project was to refine the concept and develop a map for each trailhead, prepare signage schedules and production drawings for each trail.

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