Halifax Cycling Guide

Halifax Cycling Guide is a booklet for immigrants and those who like riding a bike to overcome their obstacles by learning and beginning to bike.

May 2016
Halifax, NS, Canada
Personal project

This design research Was part of my studies at NSCAD University. In this research, I am trying to find the obstacles that stop immigrants from cycling in Halifax and provide solutions to overcome these obstacles. Many of us in Halifax love to commute by bike every day. Though not all people feel safe riding a bike in this city. For immigrants, their challenge is not just about safety. Also, language, rules and regulations, knowing the city, where to find a bike or get maintenance are some of the obstacles that many immigrants are facing.
Canada is welcoming thousands of immigrants every year from all around the world. Most immigrants are from countries like the UK, China, the Philippines, the USA, India, Egypt, Israel, Bhutan, Iran, and Germany. Cultural diversity makes determining these obstacles even harder. For instance, in some cultures, it is not common for women to ride a bike. In some others, riding a bicycle without a helmet and lights is popular. Not to mention, some immigrants do not know how to ride a bike. Being in Canada stops some immigrants from cycling until they learn the Canadian traffic rules and regulations. Another barrier that most newcomers are facing is language comprehension. Lack of language skills is stopping many immigrants from communicating with others or learning traffic rules.
This booklet is the result of my research and helps to overcome cycling obstacles to new arrivals by sharing information. In this booklet, I am sharing the most basic information anyone needs to start cycling. This booklet is divided into three sections: first, Getting Around, which is mostly about safety, do’s and don’ts, cycling rules and signs. Second, General Tips, which Introduces bike anatomy and more safety points. Third, Halifax Bike Resources lists information about cycling organizations or helps users to find or maintain their bikes.

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