Halifax Urban Design Award 2018

A series of five trophies that presented to the winners at the 2018 Halifax Urban Design Awards.

December 2017

Halifax, NS, Canada

Halifax Regional Municipality

Halifax municipality invited all NSCAD students at NSCAD to design a trophy. The trophy will be replicated five times — one for each award category. The award should be small enough to hold. Affordable to build. Easily to replicate for each category, and durable enough to withstand transport and significant ageing.
I have chosen five different sites in Halifax, with the most impact on communities in our city. I took parts of the city’s plan to create an imaginary experience for the viewer; to see Halifax from up above while holding it in their hands. Putting a fragmented piece of the city in the hand of the person who receives this award creates an object of speculation.
My material choices; clear epoxy resin and 3D printing technologies reference the impact of the digital world on daily life. The clear epoxy resin adds an incredible reflection to create a sort of shadow that distorts perspective, extending the dimensionality of the form. The extruded map that is encapsulated within the clear resin is excised from the larger map of Halifax and is formed by a 3D printer. Each space is dedicated to different categories within the Urban Design Awards and designated with a unique colour.

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