Musquodoboit Trailways

New visual identity and signage systems for Musquodoboit Trailways to help attract new visitors.

July 2019

Halifax, NS, Canada
The Musquodoboit Trailways Association (MTA) is a nonprofit community organization that manages 41 kilometres of non-motorized trails in the Musquodoboit Harbour areas. The trail network is anchored by the Musquodoboit Trailway, a 15-kilometre rail-trail that connects to the Gibraltar Trailhead. The rail-trail provides access to another 26 kilometres of wilderness trails that meander through pristine natural environments and scenic vistas. 
Currently, the MTA relies on its website and a kiosk at the trailhead. But, these maps and kiosks are getting old and outdated and do not appropriately convey the quality of the trails. We have asked to design a new logo and identity for Musquodoboit Trailway Association (MTA) and also update their current map and refresh all their signage systems to help attract new visitors.
This project is still in progress and at this point, we have developed a new logo and identity with a new map that can go on trailhead signs brochures and online maps on MTA’s website. The new map is updated with the current situation of the trail and highlights the available amenities within the trail. My role in this project was to design a trail map, a logo, and an identity for the trail.

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