2019 Nova Scotia Planning Conference

Layout, Print, Visual Identity

Visual identity designed for 2019 Nova Scotia Planning Conference. This conference took place in Halifax with a focus on housing.

Apr 2019
Halifax, NS, Canada
Upland Planning + Design Studio

Each year the Licensed Professional Planners Associations of Nova Scotia (LPPANS) and the Nova Scotia Planning Directors Association (NSPDA) are organizing a conference in Nova Scotia to discuss the needs of our community for an appropriate living. 2019 Nova Scotia Planning Conference took place in Halifax, focusing on housing. For this year, I was asked to design a new identity.

The identity of the conference inspired by the visual quality of Habitat 67 and the notion that providing adequate housing requires the coming together of many elements in a variety of configurations. I used three blocks in the identity, stacked on top of each other to create nine different configurations. Each configuration is forming a house.

These arrangements also are signifying a discovery process by examining different configurations—exploring to find a better solution for housing. The wordmark “2019 Nova Scotia Planning Conference” is designed with “Frank New” a sans serif typeface. This typeface, in coordination with the other elements of the identity, provides a legible, simple and forward-looking message to the audience.