Falcon Group

A new website for one of the most known multi-industry companies in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

May 2013
Erbil, Iraq
Falcon Group
Insight Group

Falcon Group is one of the largest companies in Erbil which provides services like security, construction, agriculture, concrete production and real estate development. During my employment at Insight Group, I was asked to design a UI for their website that can cover all the services that Falcon Group is offering.

This website represents Falcon Group and all the services that this company is providing. The navigation bar on this website includes their logo, social media icons, menu bar, and a search bar which is simple and easy to navigate. Below the navigation bar, there is a slideshow hero image which includes four sections of Falcon’s main services. In each section of services, there is a second navigation bar that directs the users to more pages related to each service. Each page ends with a footer that carries navigation links, logos, and the company’s signature.